When it is time to choose your Senior Photographer, pick the one that is:

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FUN - You'll have a great time.
EASY - With our help and our guide to great portraits, it is always no-hassle.
QUALITY - Bradford's is recognized as Bay City's Best
CREATIVE - No cookie cutter pictures here.
THE MOST CHOICES - Everything we do is designed to give you the choice that is right for you.
SHOW YOUR STYLE - You are unique, we respect who you are - your portraits will show it.
LISTENS TO YOU - We are always open to your ideas, just ask.
GIVES YOU EXCEPTIONAL VALUE - All we do for you and a fair price equals real value.
FRIENDLY - The most caring staff around is totally committed to your portrait experience.
GUARANTEES YOU'LL LOVE YOUR PORTRAITS - A 100% satisfaction guarantee. All this and more makes Bradford Studio the natural choice for you.

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SUNSETS & NIGHTSCAPES - $195 (2.5 hours) Making beautiful portraits just before and after sunset is one of our specialties.  People often ask if we photoshop the sky into our images.  No Way!  We simply use photography.  It all comes down to combining the time of day, subject lighting and exposure.  It's not easy, if it was, everyone would do it.  This is perfect for the beach, athletic field or city scapes.  


CUSTOM LOCATIONS - $195 (3+ hours) The things that are special to you are special to us.  Making unique portraits for our seniors is one of those driving forces that keeps us and our portraits fresh.  What's your thing?  Where's your happy place?  Don't ever feel that your thing" doesn't matter, or settle for less.  We LOVE unique!  Let's work to make a truly one-of-a-kind image just for you.  Possibilities: City Scapes, the Beach, the Pool, the School Gym, Athletic Field or Auditorium.  Put your idea factory in gear and pick the place that's uniquely you!


How about a photo safari to that amazing place? - (By Quote) Chicago, Mackinaw, your cabin... we're ready! Give us your idea and we'll make pictures you'll love! 

SENIOR CHOICE- $135 (1.5 hours) One of our most popular options.  We begin with beautifully designed images in our studio, then take it outside to any of the amazing locations right out our door.  Trees, flowers, a gazebo and great architecture.  We've got it all!  And the photographic lighting goes out with us, to insure the light on your face and in your eyes is perfect.  

BASIC- $75 (45 min) We have countless backgrounds, props, and lighting set-ups to use based on your outfits.  Just as important, we have the skills to guide you into the most flattering poses, and use lighting to create the proper mood for our ideas.  All this combined with Mark's sense of humor and creativity, put our seniors at ease.  You'll know you're going to look great and that confidence shows in your photos!